Nothing but lies, don't forget to take them to the pool.

This is crazy. actually helpfull makeup tutorial.(just don't go extrem.) If you do, it's nothing but lies, don't forget to take them to the pool.


Contouring is the art of creating illusions on the face by using makeup to highlight, sculpt and accentuate features. Contouring is not necessary for everyone

"Extreme close-up of Katy Perry, sans retouching. Girls need to see this stuff! Perfection is fake!" -- Actually, MEN need to see this so they can have realistic expectations of women.

I always thought Katy Perry had beautiful, flawless, porcelain skin. An extreme close-up of Katy Perry without retouching. Young girls need to see this stuff, perfection is fake!


the magic of makeup & contouring! I want my make up done like this one day so I can see if I look completely different like that!

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