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An easy DIY wall design idea made of compact discs.


Compact Disc - Wall Design - fasinnovo

Easy Storage Cases for you makeup tables and working desks!


Candles - fasinnovo

Reuse wine bottle with twine yarn. Just glue yarn to the bottle

Reuse Wine Bottles - Twine Yarn - fasinnovo

Recycle your old vase with coins.

Recycle Old Vase with Coins - fasinnovo

Nail Paint Marbled Mug

Nail Paint Marbled Mug - fasinnovo

Hola!! Ever had a collection of Compact discs? A 90’s kid might have a huge collection of CDs with movies, games, music and files. And if you guys haven’t thrown them away yet, there is an interesting DIY project for…

Compact Discs - fasinnovo

I absolutely love free printable wall art gallery!! Decorate your wall absolutely free

Free Printable Wall Art Gallery - fasinnovo

modern mobiles for you place. Easy to make and beautiful to look at!

DIY Modern Mobile - fasinnovo

NOT a real dreamcatcher. All made of fabric scraps & laces.

fasinnovo - Fashion & Creativity

Desk Organizer for you! Easy and absolutely affordable

fasinnovo - Fashion & Creativity