Beautiful hand henna design

Beautiful hand henna design (minus the border at the wrist)

Mehndi - If I were to get my feet tattooed, it would most certainly be henna style. Just permanent. <3

i have always been a fan of henna tattoo’s. first of all, they look beautiful. check out some of these gorgeous henna designs. would you rock a henna tattoo?

Henna--like covering your body in lace

Indian mehndi design are the extensive artistic henna work. It is done with great delicacy and stunning imagination. Indian mehndi designs are usually loved by brides as it fills the hand gorgeous pattern.

Bohemian Fortunes

Simple henna design for feet. NEVER use black henna. It contains toxic chemicals such as PPD, which is found in hair dye. The color of a henna design should always be a natural red-brown.

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