Quick / cheap alcove shelving using standard size shelves. Would also allow for different sizes of pictures etc. | Housetohome.co.uk

Clever designs for alcoves

Fit staggered shelves You’ll be lucky to find a ready-made floating shelf that fits your alcove perfectly, so try this quirky trick ins.

LEGO En mode Deco

Lego Man 3D Lego Art

This is my amazing Lego Man Lego art. A Lego Man silhouette filled with real Lego blocks in a frame. Great gift for both adults and children (or just treat yourself)! Size: cm Ready to ship!

VISI / Articles / Folklore opens online store

Use of shelving on a stand helps you to organise and style your collections. Be careful the shelving doesn't become the focal point and you get ask more about the shelves then your own products. ViA: VISI / Articles / Folklore opens online store

Cadre photo 8 x 10 de LEGO : boîte d'ombre par CuttingEdgeSteelwork

Lego 8 x 10 picture frame: Shadow box with a metal insert of a LEGO ® minifig silhouette cutout with multicolored blocks behind

Lego 8 x 10 picture frame: Shadow box with by CuttingEdgeSteelwork

Love this idea for DIY #interior design #hotel interior design #interior ideas| http://homedesign.lemoncoin.org

45 DIY bookshelves to inspire your next home project. Make your own homemade bookshelf from a single shelf or bookcase. This DIY is added storage or stylish display for books and home decor accessories. For more weekend DIY ideas go to Domino.