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a blue box with the word upload on it is surrounded by white and blue boxes
Frosted Cube motion for art installation
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on it's surface, including squares
STYLEFRAMES & PLAY 03 on Behance
an object made out of plastic on a blue surface with white and red highlights in the center
GLASS-CUBE-5-7 by WantLine on Dribbble
a bunch of different items that are on a white surface with some blue and pink ones
Modern & creative 3D icon set for the finance industry
four different colored objects are shown in this image, one has a star and the other is
Medal & Level : Integral Grade
You has won a gold medal ~
the different types of speech bubbles are shown in various colors and sizes, including red, blue
K12教育 首页图标改版设计详解|UI|教程|蟹设计Club - 原创文章
a yellow trophy cup with a star on it and confetti sprinkles
the chinese language icons are displayed in different colors and shapes, including an arrow, a cup
_App-ICON整套 _T202063...@SUNflowers~*采集到icon(2426图)_花瓣
the sun icon set in yellow on a white background, with different shapes and sizes
Sun icons design elements 04 free download
sun designs | Sun icons design elements 04
an image of a woman with snowflakes on her head and hands in the air
WIP- Suit of Swords
For my second semester senior thesis, I am completeing the Suit of Swords from the minor arcana tarot card deck.