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Tea tree oil is wonderful home remedy for acne which is derived from tea tree. The name was given eighteen century sailors. With treating pimples, there are many other benefits of tea tree from skin. It treats fungal infections of the nail, ringworm, athlete’s foot, lice scabies, vaginal infections, insects’ bites, infection of mouth, sore throat, nose, ear infections etc. Tea tree oil is effective for acne because the chemical


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Everyone wants to have beautiful skin. Facial is very essential to bring back the glow of your skin. Every time, you don’t need to go beauty parlor for facial. You can do facial at home for different skin types and get very good results much better than parlor facial. You can do homemade facial for glowing skin, fairness, anti aging and sun tanning.


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t is dream of every woman to get fair skin. There are many products available in market which can give you fair skin naturally but sometimes chemical bleach present in these products may be harmful for your skin. You can get fair skin naturally at home. You can apply face pack for fairness made at home. Face whitening tips or method to prepare fairness face packs are as follows :-


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you can prepare multani mitti face pack at home. There are many benefits of using multani mitti face pack.


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How acne can be treated naturally. There are various home remedies that can help in treatment of acne naturally.


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There are many products in market which promise treatment of acne scars naturally but sometimes such products causes over bleaching of skin. Your skin may also get sensitive. So its better idea to apply homemade face masks for acne scars . You can find various ingredients in found in every Indian kitchen which offer the best solution to treat acne scars at home. Learn the methods to prepare pimple spots removal face masks

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how to remove sun tan naturally? It is time for summer when tanning become common problem. It is the time when your skin is prone to tanning.


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ways to get fuller or bigger lips naturally

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How to Treat Acne Naturally?

How to get rid of acne naturally. There are various to treat acne in natural way.


How to Treat Acne Naturally?