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Clear PVC with luminescent icy blue glowing trim underbust corset from Artifice S/M 24" for a 27-29.5" waist (new production sample)

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Clothing products from biotechnology . bacteria, yeast and sugar solution , let stand 2 to 3 weeks ... to produce a kind of membrane that will allow it to dry , membrane which will constitute the biological tissue clothing produced Suzanne Lee, Director of Research BioCouture at University of the arts London, Central Saint Martin

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Jennifer Collier

Sustainability,Catalytic Clothing. Helen Storey & Tony Ryan have created a dress that purifies the air in effect to reduce air pollution. Catalytic clothing gains the energy it needs to work through light. It is also designed to breakdown pollutants straight away. To see a noticeable change in the reduction of pollution, a mass amount of people would have to wear the garments because it only removes a small part of the air borne pollutants.

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Details