My Slimline Recipe Book: Chicken & Bacon Pasta Bake

Slimming world Chicken & Bacon Pasta Bake - use quark and konjac pasta?

Easy one-pot beef stew. Loads of veg, no hassle. Definitely better than eating rubbish.

I love to be able to throw together a meal with as little effort as possible and this one pot Slimming World easy beef stew crock pot recipe has to be one of the easiest out there and what is even better is that it is totally syn free on Slimming World!

Slimming World Delights: Paprika Pork One Pot

Slimming World Delights: Paprika Pork One Pot. USE stock instead of and stir continuously instead of leaving to simmer!

Slimming World: Jelly sweets: Add 2 sachets sugar free jelly with 2 sachets powdered gelatine to half pint boiling water & mix well. Pour 2/3 into flat dish put in fridge to set. Mix mullerlight yoghurt into last 1/3 of jelly and mix well. When first layer set add the yoghurt/jelly mix to top and put in fridge. 3 syns for the lot.

Slimming World: Jelly sweets: Add 2 sachets sugar free jelly with 2 sachets…


of fat free cottage cheese (I used a small curd variety) 2 egg whites 1 egg yolk 1 tsp of vanilla essence 1 teaspoon of stevia Frylight or Pam spray Fresh fruit of your choice

Daddy's Deployment Wall is an interactive way for the kids to track deployment progress. A bubblewrap countdown calendar, world map with ship cutouts to track Daddy, candy jars with bedtime gummy bears hugs from Daddy, mailboxes and clocks for Daddy's Time and Our Time.

Deployment Idea For Bubba

This is my baby on halloween!! I think we did a great job making this.

OP: "This is my baby on halloween! I think we did a great job making this." (Cheesecloth dyed in cofee, then ripped into strips and wrapped.

One Pot Chicken Chilli

One Pot Chicken Chilli

This One Pot Chicken Chilli is a tasty, low fat family meal which is sure to become a family favourite.

This delicious one-pot casserole is bursting with sweet, slow-cooked vegetables and low-Syn pork sausages.

Sausage casserole

Sausage casserole – Recipes – Slimming World

For a variation on barbecued snags try this one-pot complete meal.

Sausage tomato cook-up

One pot bacon egg sausage tomatoes mushrooms