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First Thoughts on the Garden

Our little terraced garden is a hotch-potch of concrete, mossy lawn, prolific weeds, and over-sized shrubs. Years of neglect from the previous residents have left us with a lot of work to do and we know this is going to have to be one of our longer term projects! Of course, that doesn't mean I can't start thinking about it now...
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Most of the view from the end of our garden is a neighbour's shed painted in a pale grey-green, so I want to choose something harmonious but not so similar that it will clash. This shade of sage would be ideal.

Garden shed

This shed is also available with a window either side of the door for a more balanced look. It has all the features I'm after - the hipex roof, the floorspace and the door in the side. With a lick of paint it should look good at the end of our garden, softened by the holly bush, pheasant berry and the invasive japanese anemones which I just can't bare to pull out.

Shiplap Hybrid Apex Shed | High Apex Garden Sheds

This one's a bit fancy for my taste but the concept is great. It's half- epth and designed to stand against a wall. A lean-to wendy house!

Half Cottage Playhouse - 6ft x 3ft

If I'm having a shed, then it's only fair if baby gets a play space in the garden, too! Perhaps painted in the same shade as the shed?

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Who wasn't entranced by the Secret Garden? The white, cottagey climbing roses and silvery herbaceous border give a calming, naturalistic look to the planting scheme.

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The end of my parents' garden was mature trees underplanted with shade-loving wild flowers, and had that special cool, quietness and earthy smell of a forest. My own garden may not be big enough for a feature on this scale, but the ultra-naturalistic style and harmonious colour scheme give me some ideas of what to do with shadier corners.

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Torie Jayne: What colour did you paint your garden shed?

There's a corner under the pear tree that is currently home to broken pots and a sizeable snail colony. It seems like the ideal place for a log store. Currently we have open fires and live in a smoke control zone, so logs are a no-no, but once we've installed Defra multifuel stoves we'll need space to store wood!

Log Stores | Log Storage | Log Basket | Wood Storage

Furniture will need to be stacking or folding as storage space is limited. At the moment the choice is between black synthetic rattan (cheap, light, weatherproof!) or wood (expensive, needs regular treatment, has the potential to last forever).

Stacking chair SANDBAKKE alu/petan

A stack of these would take up minimal space in the shed and give lots of comfy seating for parties and BBQs. The black weave would work well with out existing black furniture.

Stacking chair ARENDAL steel/petan grey