Lucas Simões

Hand Cut Geometrical Portraits collage made by through ten layers of photographs by Lucas Simões, Brazilian. Collage through ten layers of photographs.

Franz Marc -- Tower of Blue Horses (lost), 1913

Tower of Blue Horses (lost) - Franz Marc, 1913 Art Experience NYC

Maurice A. Miles, Travel Poster, United Kingdom, 1933

‘For the Zoo’, London Underground poster, by Maurice A. Miles I'm not promoting zoos or anything!

Elizabeth O'Reilly.

Maureen Mullarkey: Elizabeth O’Reilly, George Billis Gallery, Alexandra Athanassiades, Kouros Gallery

Robert Delaunay (French 1885–1941), Eiffel Tower, 1909-1914. [Orphism]

Robert Delaunay - Champs de Mars, La Tour rouge 1911 (Art Institute of Chicago)

Decorative by Sara Tyson

Road & Track Magazine Looking to the future, there’s a triad of options, hydrogen, electricity or liqu.

Berlin Street, 1931 // by George Grosz (1893-1959), Metropolitan Museum

george grosz_ Berlin Street, 1931 George Grosz (American, born Germany, Oil on canvas; x 60 cm) Hugo Kastor Fund, 1963