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Pink Pepper Gin

Distilled in tiny batches in the Cognac region, Pink Pepper is an innovative, unconventional and contemporary addition to the gin market. Designed to be an entirely unique, intense and aromatic gin, Pink Pepper has the capacity to age and evolve both in the bottle and in the glass. When the bottle is young, or when diluted or chilled, fresher, spicy notes of pink pepper, juniper and cardamom are prominent. Over time, however, the liquid evolves and warms up allowing notes of patisserie…

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Become a scholar of "Gin Intricacy". I love gin. I love studying things. Combine. Pour over ice. Garnish with lemon. Voila! It's a cocktail for the recently unemployed! As they say - "When life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic." Or something like that.

Sweet Cherry Gin & Tonic

Enter Sweet Cherry Gin and Tonic. I love this drink and it’s not too sugary sweet. You can use any kind of gin, but I prefer using “Tanqueray Rangpur” for this drink because of the great lime flavor infused into the gin which goes really well with the cherries! Here’s a tip: make pitchers of this drink at a time. Trust me.

How to make elderberry, sloe and cardamom liqueur

Elderberry, Sloe and Cardamom Liqueur...sloe berries, the fruit off the blackthorn, (prunus spinosa) can be used in jam, preserves, and for sloe-gin

Blackberry gin – World Gin Day

10 of the most interesting gins to try on World Gin Day 2015