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Lie-detector Robot | Funny Joke

Lie-detector Robot | funny short jokes

Taxi | Funny Joke

Taxi | funny short jokes

It's all right | Funny joke

It's All Right | funny short jokes

World's funniest Irish jokes

World's Funniest Irish Jokes

Escargot - funny joke about a man sent to buy snails for his wife, but who gets horribly drunk on the way home. Hilarious!

Escargot | funny short jokes

Drink like a man - Funny short joke about a man at bar who orders 3 vodkas.

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At the game - Funny short joke about an empty seat at a sold-out baseball game

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The Cure - Funny short joke about a woman getting a cure for her husband's temper

The Cure | funny short jokes

Funny short joke about a man with terrible headaches who is told he has to be castrated.

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