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Renbow Crazy Color is an extremely popular hair dye. It is available in a wide variety of colours, funky and straight. But there’s a certain technique for applying this hair colour, and that is...


How to apply Renbow Crazy Color?

Can you naturally add shine and bounces to your hair? Yes you can -- and that too by just consuming foods that are enriched with vitamins that are good for hair. Here’s a list of such foods:


Which vitamins are good for hair, and why?

You may not know or realize it, but hair colour can actually end up causing you misery if you are allergic to it. Here’s a guide that will help you determine if the hair dye you are about to apply will cause a reaction.

What precautions should I take before applying Renbow Crazy Colour?

Time is at a premium and these days no one has the time or patience to naturally air dry their hair. But is blow drying a good thing to do? Does it harm the hair? Here are the answers:

Pinned from

Most folks with thinning hair actually just give up. They allow baldness to run riot on their scalps and end up with a shaved head -- which is something that makes them similar to most clean shaved men out there. But you don’t do that because we’re going to show you how to grow hair naturally, and fast:

How to grow hair fast?

Dried or rough or tangled hair can get real irritating while soft hair is very manageable and it makes you look gorgeous and fresh. If you want your hair to appear and feel soft every day, here’s what you should do:

How can I make hair feel soft?

Dead skin cells shed by the scalp are referred to as dandruff. Dandruff is common, has terrible nuisance value and it can cause loss of self-esteem and social problems. Here are a few practical homemade remedies that should help:

How can I get rid of dandruff with homemade remedies?

Washing your hair with water daily can cause dryness. A dry shampoo, on the other hand, absorbs hair oil which makes your hair look greasy, without causing any dryness. A dry shampoo is always in powder form and here are 4 formulas you can use to make this shampoo at home.

Top 4 Homemade Dry Shampoo Formulas

There are folks who want to wash away the hair dye after the party/event and there are folks who want it to linger on. here’s a guide for those who want to make their hair colour last longer:

How to make Renbow Hair Dye last longer?

Which oil to use when your hair is falling? Which oil is referred to as a “liquid gold” hair oil? Which oil stimulates blood circulation in the scalp area? Are you seeking answers to these and other hair oil-related questions? Here’s the bald truth:

Which hair oils promote hair growth?