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Clete Madden is the Chief Operating Officer for Touchstone Medical Imaging LLC. As the Chief Operating Officer for more, then 4 years, Clete Madden, has overseen tremendous growth including the tripling of Touchstone imaging Centers and revenue.

Zubair Ghias than became a full-time associate with JP Morgan Securities, Inc., working in the Mergers & Acquisitions division for over five years, and becoming an integral part of many key, high-dollar client acquisitions.

Lunar Poker is one of the fastest growing forms of poker in the world and is capturing the interest of card players and casino operators alike. It offers many unique benefits to the card player. For one, it has a high volume of betting activity and hands per hour. This increases the chances of a player walking away with a much greater amount of money than they sat down with.

Lunar Poker is a live poker experience that draws upon many unique features to offer card players the most exciting, fair game available. Lunar Poker is the only true 5 Card Draw Poker available that also gives players the opportunity to play against the dealer.

Caroline Rodgers, a social worker in London, is an avid walker. She belongs to a walking group and is fond of taking long walks in the country, sometimes going as far away as the Lake District and Cornwall. Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, knows that there are many health benefits to getting out and walking every day, including a stronger heart, a lowered risk of diseases like diabetes, and keeping your weight down.

Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, has tried her hand at learning to play several musical instruments. She has tried playing the guitar and saxophone, among others, but has been frustrated with the difficulty of the instrument. Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, may be interested to know that there are many who say it is never to late to learn to play an instrument like guitar, and that it comes down to getting your fingers to do things they are not accustomed to doing.


Zubair Ghias then served Goldman, Sachs & Co as a summer analyst, working for the firm from June of 1999 to September of 1999. As a Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst, he worked in the Futures Services division, designing spreadsheets, updating databases and performing procedural interviews for the company’s Event Management Committee in regards to the Y2K Contingency Planning Project.

Clete Madden was a top scholar all through his academic life. Graduating from High School in the top 3% of his class of 780, he went on to the University of Texas. In 1980, Clete Madden was the recipient of the Touche Ross Scholarship for Accounting.

Christian Fanning of Eastern Washington Football is currently part of the EWU Eagles football program, in the Big Sky Conference and is working hard to become the starting placekicker and kickoff specialist for the Eagles team.

Eastern Washington University Head Coach Beau Baldwin says it's a compliment to be ranked so highly before the season begins, but he doesn't want to make too much of it. Like any coach, you're more concerned with the postseason," he says, "and that's definitely the case with us."