goldbuch Colours Papeterie-Kollektion

Vorstellung der Colours Kollektion in Leinenstruktur aus dem Hause goldbuch - made in Germany
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three notebooks with the word zeugnise printed on each one and two different colors
Zeugnismappe Colours mit Silberprägung
three different colored notebooks sitting next to each other
Telefonbuch Colours in Spiralbindung
three different colored binders sitting next to each other on a white background, one is blue and the other is green
Ringbuch Colours DIN A4
two colored binders with holes on each side
Ordner Colours in DIN A4
three different colored binders on a white background
Heftbox Colours für das Format DIN A4
three different colored binders with a lock on each side and one in the middle
Dokumentenmappe Colours in der Größe 26 x 34 cm mit Hüllen
three different colored notebooks with the word adressen on one side and the word adressen on the other
Adressbuch Colours