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an old man sitting in a chair with beads on his head
Top photographers reveal the cultures and traditions of the world's most mysterious peoples...
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Liberation Art & Culture Works
an old photo of two women sitting next to each other, one holding a hair dryer
an old photo of two african women wearing headdress and hair ornaments in the same style
two people sitting next to each other wearing colorful makeup
a man in yellow and purple is holding a saxophone while wearing a costume made out of duct tape
an african man wearing sunglasses and holding a golden object in front of his face with other people behind him
A Moxio-style Tshibinda Ilunga figure Height 14.5" Provenance: Collected c. 1895 by Captain Artur de Paiva in Angola This figure depicts Tshibinda Ilunga, the Luba ancestor of the Chokwe, with a welcoming gesture. The two smaller figures clasped in his hands symbolize the protection he offers the entire tribe.
a woman's hands with gold rings and bracelets on top of her hand
Adinkra Symbols – “The Present Day Fashion”
an assortment of wooden combs with designs on them