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a man standing in front of a stone wall with the words'nigeria 70 sweet times'on it
Black Power, Afrocentric Art, African, Black History, African Art, Melanin, Fotografia
two black men sitting on the beach with their backs to each other, one is looking at the camera
Moi, un noir (Jean Rouch, 1958)
an image of a woman talking on her cell phone with the caption making a playlist is a delicate art you get to use someone else's poetry to express how you feel
Sentences from Movies
the poster for moonlight featuring two men in black and white, one is staring at the camera
Moonlight Movie Poster
a black and white photo of a man leaning over a piano with his mouth open
Tom Waits
Tom Waits
two men sitting next to each other in front of a wall with a quote on it