Little Things - One Direction

Little Things - One Direction, Zayn Malik quote

This is my FAVORITE Picture of Zayn and i seriously need this up and laminated on my my wall.#ZaynAppreciationday

I blame Zayn for my high expectations in boys

Zayn Malik, love himmmm  []

zayn malik riding a bike, you know, everyday thing.I CAN'T EVEN

I really dont like 1D but he is sooo yummy that I cant help it(: - Zayn Malik

Zayn malik is my life

Not usually one to think Zayn is hot but he just looks so cute with glasses! :)

I Love Zayn With Glasses. I love him period.

Zayn Malik

damn thats hot.

zayn malik is so hot.

A Drop In The Ocean (A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction) - Chapter 32

I never thought I would call Zayn adorable.

bradford bad boi <3

the bradford bad boi ;

From Side Sweeps to Spiked 'Dos, One Direction's Best Hair Moments: Zayn Malik, November 2010

From Side Sweeps to Spiked 'Dos, One Direction's Best Hair Moments

Zayn Malik, November 2010 Sporting closely-cropped sides along with spiked-up strands, Zayn's early look was totally trendsetting.

<3 oh ZAyn Malik,  I have to tell you something... I FREAKING LOVE YOUR SEXY FACE!!!!!! :D

brining back some of my favorite zayn pictures, cause why not (:

Zayn Malik. See? Do you see what I mean?

who has perfect teeth and super attractive, mysterious eyes like that? only Zayn FREAKIN malik!

Zayn Malik. Can you imagine waking up to that every morning? Mmm.

cool perspective on this picture, especially love the fact that its in black and white!


Someone made a Zayn thing.

Zayn Malik is wearing the SAME SHIRT as LOGAN HENDERSON!

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One Direction - Zayn Malik

LOVE when guys wear skinny ties