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Eye Treatment

Medical tourism Company provide a low cost treatment for Eye Surgery and Correction of Eye Surgery in affordable cost.
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LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery – What to Expect

In case if you are considering LASIK eye surgery, you need to know about the recovery of the same. How about checking some of the common questions pertaining to eye surgery as under:


Understanding Laser Vision Correction Surgery and your Expectations

Everything with your vision go fine when one fine day you realise that picture before your eyes go blurred. And suddenly, you find things difficult for you, be it your swimming with your open eyes in the pool or playing with your kids or jogging in the rain. At such junctures, when you see an ophthalmologist, he will undergo a couple of tests to end up telling you the problem of your eyes.


Thyroid eye disease: Facts to know

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What to expect during Laser Eye Surgery

Overview Eyes are regarded as one of the vital organs of human being apart from being the complex one. The eyes if not properly cared can lead to a number of issues. The common ailments come in the…

Top 5 Vitamins for Eye Health

Carrots may be the food best known for helping your eyes. But other foods and their nutrients may be more important for keeping your eyesight