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This is a common idea in today's society that portrays religious people as "dumb as a monkey", Non religious is on the rise and is becoming more popular in today's society and are seeing religion as fabricated lies and hypocrisy overall. Atheist Agnostic, Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Atheist Beliefs, Religion Memes, Political Quotes, Religious Quotes, Secular Humanism, Losing My Religion


preaching my beliefs to everyone I'm here to mock religion religion teaches hate

God and gender because it was man who wanted to dominate women and control everything that they do. Many religions prove this. There is more to life than religion, it is called Freedom Of Rights. My thought. Rebel, Atheist Quotes, Anti Religion, Les Religions, Question Everything, Critical Thinking, Christianity, At Least, Thoughts

I think it is probably about their willies. The babble book has a lot to answer for; written by men, for men, to control and minimise women. It worked for thousands of years but that is history. The only thing that can hold women back now, is women. You can find them here on this site. All are "christians" of a form that insults the teachings of the man that is supposed to be the foundation of their faith. Sad.

Some religious people seem to believe everything but the facts! Atheist Agnostic, Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Losing My Religion, Anti Religion, Religion And Politics, Atheist Experience, Religious Experience, Secular Humanism

Atheist In The Bible Belt

37/East Texas Ex southern baptist Atheist & Secular humanist (My primary blog isKswan photography)

The people who used these symbols definitely did not pass any of their history classes. Athiest, Truth Hurts, Christianity, Fun Facts, Bible, Wisdom, Symbols, Faith, God

20 Widely Used (And Widely Misunderstood) Symbols

The people who used these symbols definitely did not pass any of their history classes.

Joe Rogan Ever religion is a cult, just some are bigger, richer, and more powerful than others. Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Athiest, Ju Jitsu, Anti Religion, Religious People, Free Thinker, Inspirational Quotes, Wisdom

Mark W Gura

Religions are cults. Some have over a billion members. Cult = supernatural claims + psychology + altruism + community + history/and mythology, add a...