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Want My Freedom Back

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Freedom U.0 is about "U" and your internal freedom. It is so fundamental to U and me that we cannot ignore it anymore. Till now we have only attacked the villains outside. It's time to address them within.

"Till now U looked up to others to fight for U and Ur real #freedom. It’s time U have to stand up and fight for Urself. No one else can do it for #U." Find out how here :


What is your role? Freedom U.0 is Universal in intent or design and revolves around U (You) and therefore it’s your movement.

Corruption, crime . . . and rape cannot be addressed till we dissolve our internal compulsions. Find out how here :

Don’t manipulate! Be the change U want to see in others. Only then can U deal with personal, professional, social, economic and political issues. Put an end to corruption, crime . . . and rape. Find out how here :

The Real Freedom - Freedom U.0, introduced at TEDx IIMRanchi!

Kill Five Monsters to reclaim your Life. Thats what The Telegraph has got to say about our movement.