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Frigibar Industries, Inc. is one of the longest established manufacturers of marine refrigeration. Frigibar was started in 1971 by founder and president Sheldon Oletzky.

Frigibar was one of 600 exhibitors at NIBS, sharing a booth in Tent C 69 with the Island & Harbor Sales team

Miami, FL

John Mitchell and John Jackson (JJ) are part of a close-knit group of friends who are also successful businessmen and avid fishermen.

I had the good fortune of discovering Frigibar Industries three and a half years ago when I first purchased my Fairline 65. My boat, like many power boats was somewhat short on refrigeration and specifically freezer space.

Life on the water should be cool, comfortable and fun. For boat and yacht travelers everywhere, Frigibar Industries, Inc. is their trusted provider of reliable and superior refrigeration and freezer products for their vessel. From international trips to fishing tournaments, our boxes keep all travels, food and drinks chilled, refreshing and fun.

Having frosty drinks or frozen items at hand makes a great day on the water even better. Frigibar’s SW Class Boat cockpit freezer/refrigerator transforms boat owners’ wishes into reality with convenient on-deck access to Frigibar’s exceptional marine refrigeration system powers.

Frigibars are designed specifically for your adventures on the water. They're made with a durable, rust-free fiberglass body, and can last for decades.

Miami, FL

From dunnage boxes to deck freezers and refrigerators, Frigibar offers its customers some very fine and beautifully crafted marine storage options.

Overcome the problem of limited space in your yacht’s galley freezer/refrigerator.

LectricIceman Marine Icebox Conversion Kits.