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three blue and white dishes with eggs in them on a wooden table, top view
Handmade ceramic egg holders
a green vase filled with white flowers on top of a counter
Morgan Peck
a decorative vase with two leopards and a plant in the center on a white background
PascoeGallery, African Ceramic Art
an elephant made out of ceramic with people on top
Fausto, Fabbricatore and Fausto
Michele Fabbricatore
a leopard head with flowers in it hanging on a wall
Barri Gòtic - To Vogue or Bust
three animal heads mounted to the wall with flowers in their ears and one on its head
Explore The World Of Ceramic Animals - Bored Art
Explore The World Of Ceramic Animals - Bored Art
five blue and white pottery pieces on a blue tablecloth, with one in the center surrounded by other items
Maker Spotlight: Perro y Arena
colorful ceramic bowls and spoons are arranged on the floor in an arrangement that looks like they have been made out of wood
Artists I Love Vol. 3