Children's Sensory Garden

Children's Sensory Garden Veggie garden to help cut costs down on food! Kids can help maintain it.

Highvale Kindergarten Glen Waverley in Victoria have recycled & reclaimed the timber from a tree that had to be cut down ≈≈

Recycled reclaimed tree timber toadstools at Highvale Kindergarten Glen Waverley in Victoria, image shared by Yarn Strong Sista (",(

Butterfly Feeder  Butterflies can be a beautiful addition to your yard or garden. Fill a jar or tin can with some colorful flowers--the brighter the better because butterflies are attracted to color--and add a little sponge or cotton ball soaked in sugar water. Soon you'll see butterflies flitting all over your garden. Add an artificial butterfly to the can for the full effect.

Kid-Friendly Fall Garden Ideas

This DIY Butterfly Feeder is a great addition to any garden! Hackberry is having a butterfly tour on April too.

Water can be problematic, but you don't actually need water to do cool water things. When I was a kid, heck even now, something like this beats a playground any day.

Wide Dry River Bed with stepping stone pathway and bridge. An idea - instead of wide river bed of all rocks, could do low lying ground cover along edge of the rock river bed outdoor play space

28 Fun Ideas to try with Recycled & Upcycled Resources

All aboard the outdoor bus/train/plane! DIY Recycled Outdoor toys made from plastic chairs - via Mummy Musings and Mayhem I love this outdoor play space!