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Check On Your Clients
It's not always about concluding deals for your clients. You've got to check on em often, too. This will help you build a long-lasting relationship between you two. Be honest with me....when was the last time you checked on your client? Abi na only money matter concer u?😹 Anyways, welcome to Creativity 🧡 #clientdiaries #clientcheck #fytheicongraphics #explorepage✨ #nigeria
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Join us to learn how to remain consistent on social media
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Welcome to November
Welcome to the enchanting month of November, a time when the world transforms with the vibrant hues of autumn leaves and the promise of Thanksgiving gatherings. 🍂🦃 And for I, November holds an extra special place in my heart, as my date of birth is on the 22nd of this wonderful month. It's a time for celebrating your life, reflecting on the year that's passed, and looking forward to all the adventures and experiences that lie ahead. I didn't choose this month, l, it chose m
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Check my YouTube
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New week flyer
Rise and shine, my incredible people! 🌞✨ It's a brand new week, a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to conquer your dreams and chase your goals with great determination. Remember, each day is a chance to rewrite your story, to work towards the life you've always imagined. As we kick off this week, let's set our intentions high and our spirits even higher. Believe in yourself, your abilities, and your potential to achieve greatness. Let's make it count! 💪🌟 Follow for more content ✨️ Welc
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Movie Suggestion
Cozy weekends call for the perfect movie night! 🍿🎬 How about diving into "Killers Of The Flower Moon" this weekend? It's a must-watch that'll leave you wanting more! Welcome to Creativity 🧡 ##WeekendMovieNight #MovieRecommendation #MovieTime #FilmFriday #CozyWeekend #PopcornTime #MovieMagic #WeekendVibes #MovieNightIn #filmrecommendation #orange
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The weekend 🙌
Here's to the magic of weekends – two days to write our own adventures, enjoy slow mornings, and cherish moments with loved ones. Let's make every weekend count, creating memories that light up our lives. 🌟💫 Welcome to Creativity 🧡 #weekend #cherishthemoments #WeekendMagic #SaturdayVibes #SundayFunday #WeekendAdventures #QualityTime #RelaxAndUnwind #weekendgoals #WeekendWanderlust #embracetheweekend #orange #fytheicongraphics #explorepage #nigeria #tgif
Live The Moment💛🧡🤍 #manifestation #yellow #orange #explorepage #explore #fytheicongraphics #fytheicon #nigeria #motivation #livethemoment Yellow, Live The Moment, Yellow Orange, In This Moment, Orange
Live the moment
Live The Moment💛🧡🤍 #manifestation #yellow #orange #explorepage #explore #fytheicongraphics #fytheicon #nigeria #motivation #livethemoment
an orange poster with the words would you charge your mum for a design if yes, how?
Would you charge your mom?
If you were to charge your mom for a design project, how would you approach it in a realistic way? Perhaps you'd create a fair contract, set up a payment plan, or trade your skills and services for something equally valuable. Share your thoughtful and realistic strategies while considering the practical aspects of such a unique transaction. PS: This exercise isn't about truly trading family for design, but it's an opportunity to flex your problem-solving and negotiation skills in a creative
a woman wearing a hoodie with the words, one to make a difference
Dare to make a difference
four men with different facial expressions and the words which is your preference? on them
Pick a picture for me