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"You are what you eat." Fitness & clean eating thinspirational quote.

Words: Every 35 days your skin replaces itself. Your liver, about a month. Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally BECOMES you. You have a choice in what you're made of. You ARE what you EAT.

How to fix Cravings when on a diet, Everyday Supermoms

Craving something? What to Eat Instead - Health & Fitness - Health & Nutrition - Nutrition - Holistic - Organic - Organic Food - Whole Foods - Health Foods - Healthy Foods - Healthy Lifestyle - Wellness - All Natural Foods -

What's the Difference Between Thinspo and Fitspo? Aboslutely Nothing. - LoveLiveGrow

Reason to work out. Do it to make up for those years of hiding your fat behind a sweatshirt! Lets throw away those sweaters and work towards a new wardrobe you are proud to own!

Great simple inches tracking chart!

Great way to help keep you motivated when you don't feel like you are losing weight or feeling like you want to quit. Look at your weekly chart to see you progress! Baby steps, you lose weight one pound at a time.


This image conveys that won't love yourself or be confident in yourself unless you are skinny. This is a deplorable message to ourselves and to our youth. It teaches self-hatred, self-criticism, low self-esteem, and is a very manipulative statement.

These workout will serve as your guide for your thin #thighs. Try it! | Natalie Jill Fitness

You had me at SKINNY THIGHS!No need to do dozens of different exercises - there are 5 simple exercises you need to do to get toned and niche thighs - PIN now, read later.

You can do this

The caveman diet (Lose weight fast!) 10 reasons to lose weight! Oh this is so me. I agree with every single reason. Lose weight FAST with the Caveman / Paleo diet!

fruit makes your calorie intake stretch A LOT more than junk!

fruit makes your calorie intake stretch A LOT more than junk! - I guess I should buy more fruit.

Weight loss lose weight before after thin fit thinspo fitspo

Feel what it will be like to lose more than pounds in 1 month. looking at your sexy, slim, happy new you in the mirror!