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French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain

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Both a modern fairy tale and a skilfully woven state-of-the-nation novel, French Rhapsody combines Antoine Laurain’s signature charm and whimsy with a searing critique of the state of contemporary France.

Liam Callanan @liamcallanan 1d Big thanks to Jim Fricke & @harleydavidson Museum for 5star MKE welcome 4 5star auteur Antoine Laurain! C u tmw 3pm @boswellbooks

French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain Translated from French by Jane Aitken and Emily Boyce Gallic Books, London 2016 232 Pages I received a free copy French Rhapsody from Meryl Zegarek Public Relatio…

stu @stujallen A change from Spain a but of French whimsy with latest from Antoine Laurain @gallicbooks

Lee @Hotdesigner Oooh new book arrived in the office! Loved Antoine's other two books. I look forward to reading this @gallicbooks