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A Date in Aquarium

nice A Date in Aquarium Amy is invited for romantic date to aquarium. This place is full of incredible creatures and magnificent ocean life. She is very excited to share this... #aquarium #couple #Dressup

nice Halloween Fun Who doesn't like Halloween? This day full of pumpkins, treats and spooky decorations. Each year Emily very carefully picks her costume, make up and ac... #Dressup #halloween Check more at

Pinata Party

awesome Pinata Party Smash piñatas in this crazy backyard party adventure! Hit the piñatas to reach the next round. Complete goals and score points to level ...

Juicy Dash

nice Juicy Dash In Juicy Dash Bejeweled you must swap pieces of fruit. Match at least 3 of a kind to remove them. Combinations of 4 or 5 pieces give you a juicy dash ...

Waffle Words

awesome Waffle Words Waffle is a HTML5 Word game. The goal of the game is to compose as many words as possible in only two minutes! ...

10×10 Plus

nice 10x10 Plus 10 plus 10 is back, with more grid shapes and levels! Fill up the 10x10 board with tiles. A challenging puzzle game that needs you to solve with patie...

Famous Paintings 1

awesome Famous Paintings 1 Click/tap on all the differences in Famous Paintings. ... #mobile

Sweet Pepper Chicken

nice Sweet Pepper Chicken Are you one of those cooks who keep asking their family and friends what to cook in the next day because they are out of ideas? You do not have to be ... #chicken #cookinggames #pepper #recipe #sweet

Sushi Time

nice Sushi Time Puzzle game where you connect sushi before you run out of moves. Collect the right sushi to finish each puzzle! Be strategic and puzzle your way throu...

Flappy Christmas

awesome Flappy Christmas Flap and fly through the starry Christmas sky! Quark sets out to help Santa Claus in this fun Christmas game. Have a Flappy Christmas! ...