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Use match and merge technique to form great combinations. You will love these jellies!

It sucks to be trapped in a dark tunnel. You can only escape by upward channel. Jump properly with the assistance of your stick. Land on the platform before it shuts down. A perfect timing is all that can make you win. Dodge all the obstacles with jumping skills and win this Html5 game.

Life of Ninja chef is in danger. You must help him to fight the enemies. Shoot them all and take him safely to the Sushi safe house. He also wants to collect explosives as they can help him later in this arcade fight. It is a nice puzzle therefore; do not miss the opportunity to play this wonderful game.

Its Reverse time! Drive and race your car in reverse position. With the keys switched too, try to beat your opponents to the finish line. Enjoy this fun, exciting and confusing game.

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