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Chilli Parotta

Chilli Parotta ---a classic street food popular in Tamil Nadu, is made with shredded Parotta, capsicum & sauces.

How to make poha cutlet

poha cutlet recipe - tasty and easy to make mix veg poha cutlets #poha #cutlet

Baked Corn and Tomato Bread Cups

You would never have thought that leftover bread can turn into such an exotic treat! Watch the magic unfurl, as simple bread slices transform into crisp, buttery cups that can hold a mouth-wateringly cheesy mixture of juicy corn, tangy tomatoes and crunchy veggies. You can prepare the bread cups earlier, but prepare the stuffing and assemble the Baked Corn and Tomato Bread Cups just before serving, to enjoy the cheesy texture of the filling before it turns chewy.

Easy Bombay Potatoes

Easy Bombay Potatoes - the best ever Indian Spiced Roasties. The perfect partner for any curry recipe or to spice up your Sunday Roast !