griffin arlund #prayforjoe

griffin arlund #prayforjoe

Newcastle upon Tyne, Uk / I'm griffin yes I know I've been faked before please don't hate me for it|| the girl in the magazine doesn't look like the girl in the magazine eat a sandwich
griffin arlund #prayforjoe
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Dreams can come true.

"I honestly think that is one of the most beautiful things about this series. The doctors, especially the new ones, are in fact fan boys, playing out their dream." Tennant had the same dream too

Good Things

The Story Behind This “Doctor Who” Scene Will Make You Tear Up. OH gosh, feels. SO many feels. Wilfred is my favorite, and this just.<<< I love when shows give a story in depth, it makes it feel all the more real, gahhhh.

Oh, I don't know how to feel about this. I think they have a good point but I don't want to believe it.// I was nearly crying untill the knee cap my feels just hurt a lot

My mother was of the sky. My father was of the earth. But I am of the universe, and I am child of the TARDIS

HELP MOFFAT FIND THE THING!<<< don't worry guys, he'll come upon it one day<<this would be awesome and super sweet but it would be kind of like "Vincent and the Doctor"

I noticed and was like well either this a costume stuff up or something very important

in "The Big Bang" when he explodes the Tardis he goes back through the moments with Amy and the time when he is talking to her is the future Doctor not the Doctor from episode hence why he has the jacket on.

That's horrible!!  Matt Smith is wonderful! He's a sweet awesome sauce guy who has a great taste in bowties and is adorably clutzy. In the words of the ninth doctor he was fantastic!

That's so sad. I loved Matt Smith as the Doctor. He was absolutely brilliant! One of the best Doctors. He put everything into being the Doctor and he was beautiful, inspiring, and amazing. I really hope Matt knows what a great Doctor he was.

Biggest difference between Peeta and Gale. And probably why Katniss chose Peeta. He knew and understood how much Katniss lost of herself in the Games, when Gale didn't and couldn't know or understand, even though he was her best friend.