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Gareth Barker

Gareth Barker
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Want to be able to rock a bikini or your everyday clothes without worrying about how you look from behind. Take up the 30 Day Squat Challenge and tone up your butt and thighs. These workout are easy to follow and you see results fast!

Learn how to get rid of that pesky back fat, lose the spare tire around your gut, and start getting that v cut we all want!

besteffectiveweig... has some tips and advice on various ways of losing weight and becoming more healthy.

When it comes to having a strong core, you need to work your abs and back together. This video is the perfect strength-training routine for the front and back of your body! *Did this routine this morning and it was great. I'll do it twice next time.

Palm Tree Beach Tattoo Ideas For Guys On Arm

Beach tattoo on the arm with bold colors. The dark and precise colors of the tattoo help make it look striking and noticeable even from afar. The palm trees are also depicted as strong and sturdy as they stand framed by the sunset light.

Image de whale tattoo

Fine line whale tattoo on the left thigh. Tattoo Artist: Violeta Arús Literally had the hardest time choosing between putting this in the Art or the Tattoo folder. it's so beautiful.