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On this day of significance, the exceptional beauty of a bridal ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’ is at its peak. She takes to her new home all the memories out of every tradition, every ceremony & every lustrous piece of jewellery.

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Her cheerful joy radiates to brighten up the world as she dresses up in her wedding trousseau, ready to begin a new chapter in her life. Such is the aura of a Gujarati bride.

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Dressed in the many shades of purity, she walks down the aisle, sparking like a true jewel. Such is the grace of a Catholic Bride at her wedding.

On this auspicious day, she prepares for a new beginning in life. She embraces her new family warmly & dresses to mirror the grandeur of her culture & traditions after marriage. Such is the poise of Kerala bride on her wedding day.

With an enriched aura, the Indian bride walks in pride on her wedding day & reflects the true beauty that exists in the world.

The rich colour of her mehndi reflects her love, her blush & grace reflect her honour & her jewels sparkle like the infinite stars. Such is the ‘adaa’ of a Muslim bride on her wedding day.

Every special ‘reeti-rivaaz’ takes her one step closer to a brand new life. And she dresses up to resonate her eagerness to begin the most important chapter in life. Such is the awe of a South Indian bride.

The exoticness of the Birds of Paradise inspired this enchanting bejewelled craft by Ghanasingh Be True to come to life.

Escape to the regal sanctuary of jewellery with our Nizami-inspired Bejewelled Escape Collection.

This grandiose pearlescent ring by Ghanasingh Be True was inspired from the mystical Lotus , the renowned symbol of love.