Ying and Yang wolves. White wolf represents good,and the black sun represent evil in good, while black wolf represents bad and white moon represents good in the evil

Ok, so her tits seriously defy gravity but I'm surprisingly ok with it. She is KALI after all.

This depiction of Kali and Shiva references the human experience of death. Kali, who represents dissolution mates with Shiva, who represents creation. She drives him mad and he forgets who he is. For a time, Shiva is lost. Such is death.

Lakshmi - goddess of abundance

Just to gaze upon the Goddess Lakshmi with a loving heart will bring her blessings to you . Lakshmi ~ the Hindu Goddess ~ "Beloved Goddess, make my eyes ever aware of beauty, make my heart ever open to love.

Diwali - Hindu Festival of Lights, occurs between the months of October and November. Not only celebrated in India but Worldwide. Pray to God to remove evil (darkness) and provide enlightenment of Hindu knowledge (Lightness) - Hindu Festival of lights #India

Celebrate Diwali the Eco-friendly way - Light Diyas, make Rangoli and Avoid Crackers to help maintain Ambient Air quality. We wish you all a very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year - DENIM STORY TEAM

Wealth, fame, talent, popularity, even good looks are not that important to me, in fact I find they can sometimes be a hindrance to real intimacy. What I do want is my true match, fidelity, a trustable man that I can be totally open with.

Vishnu avatar - Krishna - Krishna with beloved Radha

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His side long glance, Original drawing on quality art card, Lord of love with flute, (GOD)


Pre-Shampoo Treatment If your hair is naturally dry or has become dry due to over shampooing, over bleaching, over colouring or too much .