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Boost the Overall Workplace Performance with Chatbots Across Multiple Industries such as Healthcare
In today's era where chats or messages are considered as the most effective modes of communication, chatbots are becoming a mainstream technology integrated into everyday lives. Initially used for education and entertainment purposes, bots are gaining a huge footprint for delivering custom e-learning experiences within an enterprise.
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Top 5 Benefits of Game-based Learning for Modern Workforce Training
While games are the fun-filled activities that people of all ages enjoy, these are quite effective in learning and education. Few games support cognitive functioning such as memory and reasoning, while some help to boost knowledge retention. Games in e-learning create an immersive environment where learners explore and try new things.
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Augmented Reality: The Trending Buzz for the Sales Organizations to Boost Employee Efficiency
Not too long ago, Augmented Reality (AR) seemed like a dream to achieve. Today, it is not so daunting to pull off this technology as modern organizations are all set to transform the workplace. In today’s digital era, AR provides an effective learning experience for the modern workforce, especially in niche domains.
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How Does the Blend of Social Learning and Microlearning Boost the Overall Learning Uptake?
Organizations are striving towards excellence to stay ahead of the curve in today’s ever-evolving market conditions. They are competing for market share by leveraging the latest technologies, adopting new strategies and thinking innovatively.
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Effectiveness of Simulations for Optimum Patient Care & Healthcare Workforce Training
There has been a vast scope of simulations for healthcare workforce training with introduction to better medicines and changing medical procedures. It is essential to provide training which is engaging enough for the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.
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Using Enterprise LMS for L&D Teams
In today's digital era, corporate learners are shifting from traditional instructor-led approach to online enterprise #LMS systems. There are various factors responsible for driving optimal training results for #L&D teams within an enterprise.
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Measuring Training Effectiveness Using Online Learning Software
With technological advancement, organizations are turning towards deploying #onlinelearningsoftware to mitigate overall costs, time, and effort. With the right blend of new-age modern #LearningManagementSystems (LMS) and personalized content delivery, the overall effectiveness of training can be measured.
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Adopting The Microlearning Approach For Corporate Training
Adopting The #Microlearning Approach For #CorporateTraining
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Creating Blended E learning Modules: Combining Traditional Classroom Approach with E-learning
In today’s digital era, organizations are shifting their focus towards creating blended #Elearning modules to transform the entire training experience. #Blendedlearning is not merely the combination of #classroomtraining with online learning. It is an innovative teaching method that boosts overall learner engagement, drives performance, bridges skills-gaps, and increasing ROIs.
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Need for Compliance Elearning: Empowering Employees to Do the Right Thing
With technological advancement, organizations are investing in online training programs such as onboarding, compliance, sales enablement, and more. Today, corporate environment has become a complete maze of changing policies and regulations. Therefore, it is imperative to deploy modern learning management systems to deliver mandatory compliance eLearning solutions for every employee.
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Modern LMS Features: Skill Gaps Analysis, Video Library, Game Based Learning and More
The role of modern Learning Management System (LMS) depends on business goals, online training strategy, and desired results. With technological innovation, L&D teams deploy new-age LMSs that support a plentiful of robust LMS features including video streaming library, gamified learning, custom mobile apps, assessment engine, and more.
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Top E-Learning Tools to Develop Effective Training Content
For modern corporates, choosing an efficient rapid authoring tool is a daunting task. With the increasing scope of a cloud-based learning management platform, it is crucial to decide which e learning tool is the best fit. With digitization, organizations must choose the right kind of e learning tools that help to mitigate overall costs and effort.
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Tips to Effectively Track Workforce Performance Using the Best LMS Systems
Online corporate training is the most crucial aspect for any business to retain the top talent and stay ahead of the curve. When it comes to e-learning, the modern workforce eventually shifts towards acquiring new skills and becoming competent to perform better at the workplace. With this, comes the scope of implementing the best LMS systems that can drive optimal outcomes.
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Continuous Learning with Online LMS is the Key for Holistic Performance enhancement
The learning preferences of modern corporate employees are very evident from their evident digital footprint. ● Learning must be short and need-aligned ● Newer mediums like video or podcasts has clear benefits ● Most importantly – learning must be embedded in the daily work-life of the employees
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Emerging Role of Performance based Learning in Automobile Industry
Amid changing market dynamics and growing customer needs, the automobile industry is at the cusp of huge transformations. As the pace of sales employees is increasing, automobile companies are improving their strategies to thrive in the new environment. So, they are leveraging benefits of performance based learning to cater to the personalized needs of all- be it onboarding, sales enablement, product training, and more.