Alcohol Inks, Pastels, Watercolor, Markers

The Gelli® plate is made to release all media. Try these gel printing ideas and techniques using alcohol inks, pastels, watercolor, felt tip markers, paint markers and alcohol markers!
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a painting with blue and red flowers painted on the paper next to a video player
Gelli Arts® Gel Printing on Instagram: "If you’re having art block, then this Sketchbook idea is for you!💙🌸🌹 Spread a few drops of watercolor onto your Gelli Arts® Gel Printing plate, then press it onto the paper. This will create an abstract design, from which you can then draw out what you see!✍️ 📌Save this post for a family-friendly watercolor flowers summer project! 🛒Comment “PERFECT” to get the links to our new Perfect Border Sets sent to your inbox! Or visit our website to shop our full range of products! #GelliArts #GelPrinting #Artinspiration #gelliartsgelprinting #artinspo #CreateEveryday #ArtTeachers #ArtOfTheDay #mixedmediaart #familyart #artwithfamily #sketchbook #sketch #sketchbooks #sketching #sketches #diy #diycrafts #summervibes #summerprints #su
a person is painting a chicken with watercolors on paper and the words, gel printing with inktense
Gel Printing With Inktense Pencils
Stretch your mixed-media drawing supplies and try using Derwent Inktense pencils on the Gelli Arts® printing plate! Inktense is a watercolour medium that becomes permanent once fully dry. It’s available in pencils, blocks, and watercolour pans. Gelli Arts® artist Marsha Valk tried using my Inktense pencils on the Gelli® plate in four ways. Click to watch the full video tutorial on our blog or find it on our YouTube channel! #gelliarts #gelplate #printingplate #monoprinting #printmaking #gelprinting #gelliplate #derwentinktense #watercolorpencil
Combining PanPastel And Acrylic Paint On The Gelli® Plate
How to use the Gelli Arts® gel plate for mixed media. Gelli Arts® artist Birgit Koopsen shares how to combine acrylic paint and PanPastel on the printing plate before pulling the final print. Steps: Apply paint through the open areas of a stencil. Use a sponge for more controle blending and mixing the colors. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry completely. Then use a sponge to apply the PanPastel in the open areas. As everything is dry you can take all the time you want to blend colors and it is no problem if the PanPastel overlaps the acrylic paint. Note: to clean the left over pigments from the plate, use a few drops of (baby)oil and a paper towel. Gelli® plate and stencil available via! #gelliarts #gelplate #printingplate #gelprinting #printmaking #panpastel
Gel Printing With Felt Tip Markers
Did you know you can use water-based felt tip markers on the Gelli® plate? Even cheap felt tips from the dollar store will work! Water-based marker ink doesn’t dry on the plate (or very slowly) so you have a lot of time to work with them. The effect is surprisingly different from a direct-to-paper application. Watch how Gelli Arts® artist Birgit Koopsen uses markers on the plate to get a soft, distressed, blended watercolor-like look. #gelliarts #gelprinting #monoprinting #printingplate
Gel Printing With Alcohol Inks
Have you ever tried using alcohol inks on the gel plate? It's super fun and unpredictable. You never know what you might end up with! Alcohol inks are safe to use on the Gelli® plate. They can stain your plate permanently. Discolouration of the gel plate doesn’t affect future printing! Watch the full video tutorial on our YouTube channel! #gelliarts #alcoholink #printmaking #monoprinting #printingplate
gel printing with alcohol inks
Gel printing with alcohol inks on the Gelli Arts® printing plate with Birgit Koopsen
Did you know that you can use alcohol inks on the gel plate? It might be a scary thought as they are permanent, but the gel plate is created to release any product, including alcohol inks, and the effect is amazing! The benefit of using the gel plate for playing with alcohol inks is that you don’t need Yupo paper. You can print on whatever paper you want! Watch the recording of this colorful and fun class with Gelli Arts® artist Birgit koopsen. #gelliarts #gelprinting #alcoholink #printmaking
A selection of PanPastel, Brusho, ColorBurst and mica powders as well as a baby powder container and several soft pastels on a pale pink background with a text overlay saying 'Gel Printing with Powders and Pastels  -'. Pastel, New Reel, Artsy Ideas, Charcoal Powder
Using Powders and Pastels on your Gelli® Plate
Learn how to use dry media like cornstarch (or baby powder), charcoal powder, watercolour powders, mica powders, PanPastel and soft pastels on your gel printing plate in this video tutorial on our Gelli Arts® Blog! #monoprinting #printmaking #printingplate #gelliarts #gelprinting
How To Use PanPastel On The Gelli® Plate
Did you know you can use PanPastel on the gel printing plate? Learn how from Gelli® artist Michelle Mixed Media as she creates a seaside inspired printseaside-inspired! Step one: create a watercolor background. Next, apply acrylic paint to the plate through a stencil. Then add color with PanPastel. Pull the print with matte medium so the watercolour background remains visible. #gelliarts #printingplates #monoprinting #printmaking #gelprinting #papercrafts #panpastel #arteducation #mixedmedia
Gel Printing with Alcohol Inks on Tissue Paper
Tissue paper makes the best collage material and is wonderful to gel print on. Here Gelli® artist Birgit Koopsen places a stencil on the Gelli® plate and applies alcohol ink. Leaves it to dry before removing the stencil. Then she adds a thin layer of acrylic paint, places the tissue paper on top and smooths it out. She lets it dry completely before carefully lifting up the paper. #gelliarts #tissuepapercollage #printmaking #monoprinting #gelprinting #collage #alcoholink #gelplate #printingplate
the words ombre pastel prints are in front of an image of colorful flowers
Gelli Arts® gel printing ombre pastel prints | VIDEO
Learn how very easy it is to blend Jane Davenport Palette Pastels on the Gelli Arts® gel plate. Watch Tania Ahmed create beautiful ombre effects in her step-by-step video on our blog.
an open book with pictures and text that reads gelli arts & spellbinders stunning portraits
How to create stunning portraits on the Gelli Arts® gel plate with pastels | VIDEO
Learn how to monoprint portraits using the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate and Jane Davenport Palette Pastel. Mansi Bhatia shows you her process in a step-by-step video on our blog.
some art supplies sitting on top of a table with watercolor paints and paper cut outs
Gelli Arts® Printing with Stencils and Pastel!
Check out a cool technique for printing with your Gelli Arts® Printing Plate!
the words gel printing with watercolors are shown in blue and green paint on a black
Gel Printing + Watercolors!
Experiment with watercolor on your Gelli® Plate! FOLLOW US @Gelliarts #GelliArts #GelliPlate #printmaking #marshavalk #watercolor #monoprinting
two cards with leaves on them sitting next to each other in blue and green water
Gelli Arts® + PanPastel®!
Leaf prints by Birgit Koopsen with PanPastel® on a Gelli® plate! ->FOLLOW US @GelliArts #gelliarts #birgitkoopsen #panpastel #gelliplate #gelprint #pastel #printmaking #printart
Sara shares a step-by-step video tutorial on how to draw a portrait with Good Face Stencils by Jane Davenport for Spellbinders and your Gelli Arts® gel printing plate. Faces Art, Face Stencils, Good Face, Mixed Media Art Tutorials, Colorful Paintings Acrylic
Easy Portraits with Good Face Stencils and the Gelli Arts® Printing Plate by Sara Ferret | Video
Sara shares a step-by-step video tutorial on how to draw a portrait with Good Face Stencils by Jane Davenport for Spellbinders and your Gelli Arts® gel printing plate.