DIY Home Decor

You can gel print just about anything! This board highlights DIY Home Decor projects by Gelli Arts® Artists. There are lots of budget-friendly projects you can…
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How To Use Your Gel Prints: Fish Coasters
Here's a fun idea for using your gel prints: fish coasters for your iced summer beverages! Follow Gelli Arts® artist Giovanna Zara's steps: Print or draw a fish template on paper. Trace and cut out the shape on your monoprints –twice- for the back and front. Add details with markers. Align the shapes together and insert into a laminator pouch. If you don’t have a laminator, you can cover them with large clear tape or contact paper. #gelplate #printingplate #monoprinting #gelprinting #gelliplate
some glass trays that are sitting on the ground with paperweights in them
DIY Gel Printed Glass Paperweights
Looking for a handmade Father’s Day, graduation or teacher appreciation gift? Here’s a simple, quick DIY gift that’s perfect for ALL occassions — beautiful glass paperweights! Use your stash of monoprinted papers (and scraps!) to create individual, personalized glass paperweight gifts. #gelliarts #gelplate #printingplate #monoprinting #printmaking #gelprinting #gelliplate #handmadegifts
Image of a beautiful colourful round paper wreath decorated with leaf shapes cut from gel prints. Christmas Church Crafts, September Themes, Willow Wreath, Foam Stamps, Gelli Plate
Fall Inspired Wreath with Gelli Arts® Gel Printed Papers
What to do with your gel prints? How about creating a fall wreath. Gather your layered and patterned gel prints and follow along with Kirsten Varga's step-by-step tutorial on our blog. The base of this wreath is made of willow and the gel prints are cut into leaf shapes and glued on with a glue gun. #gelliarts #printmaking #monoprinting #gelprinting #printingplate #falldecorations
Image of two festive glowing decorated paper bags with fairy christmas lights around them. The paper bags are decorated with gel prints and tied at the top with string. A metal heartshaped ornament hangs from the string. Overlay text reads: Gel Printed Paper Bag Party Lights - Michaels Class Recording Gel Printing Plate, Print On Paper Bags, Plate Art, Party Lights
Festive Gel Printed Paper Bag Lights
Create handmade decorations with the Gelli Arts® printing plate. Learn how to transform simple white paper bags into fun and decorative party lights using the gel printing plate and bubble wrap. Follow along with this recorded class by Gelli Arts® artist Birgit Koopsen. You can add gold or silver for a festive christmas holiday feel but of course you can adapt them to make them suitable at all kinds of celebrations. #gelliarts #monoprinting #printmaking #gelprinting #printingplate
Photo of two colourful decorated rice paper lanterns hanging on a black line backed with a bright blue sky with a couple of white clouds. Rice Paper Lantern, Decoupage Collage, Printed Tissue Paper, Printing On Tissue Paper, Decoupage Projects, Paper Watch, Gel Plate, Gelli Prints
How to decorate rice paper lanterns with gel printed tissue paper
Create custom home or party decor by decorating rice paper lanterns with Gelli Arts® gel printed tissue paper. Watch the step-by-step video tutorial by Gelli® artist Marsha Valk. Tissue paper is perfect for collage and decoupage projects and is super easy to transform with your gel plate. Create tissue paper in any colour or adapt it to your desired theme or style. #gelliarts #printmaking #monoprinting #gelprinting #homedecor #partydecor #decoupage #collage
four drawings of flowers are shown in black and white
Gelli Print Appliqué Accent Pillow
Gelli Print Appliqué Accent Pillow - I scanned my doodled canvas, printed it out and then traced the images I wanted cut with a brush tip Sharpie. I did this because I knew that scanning the canvas would create a lot of "noise" on the image making it difficult for the ScanNCut machine to identify the lines I actually wanted to cut. Once it was traced, I scanned it in the ScanNCut machine and saved it on a USB stick.
a colorful bowl sitting on top of a wooden table covered in lots of different colored designs
Printing Projects
Paper Mache Bowls with Gelli™ Prints! The Gelli-printed pieces are the last layer. Arrange the cut, torn or punched pieces and glue them to the bowl. Decorate the surfaces of the bowl, as you like. Let it dry, then varnish with a few more layers of Mod Podge or your favorite medium.
a colorful pillow with many different colored balls on it
Printing Projects
Gelli Printed Pillow using the NEW 4" and 6" Round Gelli printing plates along with the 8" round Gelli Printing Plates from Gelli Arts®
there is a window in the room that has many pictures on it and some decorations
Gelli Print Canvas Banner project
I recently purchased a Gelli Printing Plate by Gelli Arts. People, I am IN LOVE!! Seriously, I think this is one of my all time favorite creations. It’s fun, easy to use, and really allows you to create awesome layered backgrounds so easily. My five year old daughter, Sophie, and I have been creating Gelli prints like crazy (stay tuned to the Frog Dog Studio Blog for a special post about this coming soon ) Mel's Art Journal
decorative candles with gel printed tissue paper by gelli arts & artist marsha valk
Decorating Candles with Gel Printed Tissue Paper by Gelli Arts® Artist Marsha Valk
In this blog post, Gelli Arts® Artist Marsha Valk shows you how to create decorative candles using gel printed tissue paper!
two pictures with the words repurposed jewelry boxes by gelli arts and artist mollie
Repurposed Jewelry Boxes by Gelli Arts® Artist Mollie Weston
In this blog post, Gelli Arts® Artist Mollie Weston gives jewelry boxes a new life with some gel printing!
two vases filled with flowers sitting on top of a colorful cloth covered tablecloth
Tissue Paper Flowers by Gelli Arts® Artist Giovanna Zara
On the blog today, Gelli Arts Artist @giogiocraft creates flowers from gel printed book pages and tissue paper! This project turns trash into art and makes for the perfect gift, home decor, and more!
a red and yellow bowl sitting on top of a cement slab
Papier-mâché Bowl made of Recycled Materials and Gelli Arts® Gel Prints by Mollie Weston
In this blog post, Gelli Arts® Artist Mollie Weston utilizes recycled materials and gel prints to crate a papier-mâché bowl.
jumbo matchboxes by gelli arts and artist kirsten varga
Jumbo Gel Printed Matchboxes
In this blog post, Gelli Arts® artist Kirsten Varga constructs jumbo, gel printed matchboxes. Perfect for storing!
flower pots with flowers painted on them and the words gel printed flower pots by gelli arts
Gel Printed Flower Pots by Gelli Arts® Artist Mansi Bhatia
Gel Printed Flower Pots by Gelli Arts® Artist Mansi Bhatia using all products you can find at Michaels Craft Stores