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Circuit training

This Workout Beats an Hour on the Treadmill. Very high intensity, no rest, cardio and weights mixed together, and a lot of whole-body dynamic moves. In barely a half an hour I get destroyed!

I Fight Like A Girl. Great Speech! #getfitandhealthy likes this!

yes I fight like a girl, you know why? Because I am a girl. I shall never fight like a boy, because I am not one. And boys could fight like girls only if they were a little bit more stronger.

Gina Carano, I love this woman.

Artes marciales Martial Arts Defensa personal Self defense Gina Carano, Muay Thai flying knee. well if I got off the couch, found the motivation, worked out and trained, perhaps I could do this in let's say 100 years lol

makeup that will last through the hot summer days to come!

Brief list of over-the-counter products or 2 of each of the essential/key makeup items) that work best for hot & humid weather; for outdoor/physical activity (exercising, camping, r amusement park outings, etc.