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55% Grossular Garnet, Green Garnet Faceted Rondelles, Vessonite Beads, Grossular Garnet Israeli Beads, 3.5-4mm, 13 Inch Strand

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50% CHRISTMAS SALE WHOLESALE 5 Strands Peach Moonstone Beads, Peach Moonstone Faceted Rondelles, Moonstone Israeli, Peach Moonstone Necklace

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50% WHOLESALE 5 Strands Aquamarine Chalcedony Beads, Aquamarine Chalcedony Faceted Rondelles, Chalcedony Israeli Beads, 4-5mm, 13 In

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55% Dendrite Opal, Dendrite Faceted Rondelles Dendrite Opal Israeli Beads, White & Black Beads, Dendrite Necklace, 3.5-3mm, 13 Inch

55% Hot Pink Chalcedony Beads, Hot Pink Chalcedony Faceted Rondelles, Pink Chalcedony Israeli Beads,5-5.5mm, 13 Inch Strand

55% Fluorite Beads, Aqua Green Fluorite Faceted Rondelles, Fluorite Israeli Gemstones, Fluorite Necklace, 4-4.5mm, 13 Inch Strand

50% CHRISTMAS SALE WHOLESALE 5 Strands Lemon Quartz Beads, Lemon Quartz Faceted Rondelle Beads, Lemon Yellow Beads, Lemon Quartz Necklace, 3