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that's so haute on Twitter: "zendaya x monochrome… "
Somehow I have become the jumpsuit lady and I am ok with that! It’s one of my favorite trends and it’s more comfortable for me than…
Nordic Style Report on Instagram: “We’re on a minimalistic black track over here.. 🖤| @sandrarossi03” #nordicstyle #minimal #simple #allblackoutfit #monotone

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This article is about the twelve new fashion brands and designers that are making way in the fashion industry. This could have effect on other brands and companies right now on how the consumers will react towards it. Renee Yerion Week 10.
This season retailers have found that when shopping, people don't like wondering around. Instead, they like to know what to look for. Because of this retailers and marketers are coming out with "gift guides" that will help people shop this season. (Hannah Hughes, Week 10)
Technology is taking over our world and with that it is also dominating the fashion industry. Being able to collect consumer data at an instant rate is insanely helpful for the industry, now people know how to stay ahead of the trend waves. (Kiven Ball, Week 10)

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The Met Gala 2020 theme was released this weekend. According to Anna Wintour the theme is About Time: Fashion and Duration. It is in honor of the Gala's 150th year of occurring. (Hannah Hughes, Week 10)
This year for Halloween Heidi Klum wore a prosthetic alien costume that was put on her on the street in NYC in-front of a crowd. This costume took ten hours to complete and her husband (standing next to her) fully dressed up for the part too. Renee Yerion Week 10
Kim and Kanye attended the WSJ magazine innovator award on November 6. They sported a similar navy blue look that almost looks retro. They are both huge influencers of the fashion world and their constant new and innovative looks are inspiring to everyone. (Kiven Ball, Week 10)

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Many paint companies are coming up with their predictions for the color of 2020. According to the list colors that will be popular are pinks, greens, blues, and neutrals. They are supposed to be "subdued and livable". (Hannah Hughes, Week 10)
In the past year hoop earrings has come back in at sizes. Most girls now wear hoops on a daily basis, usually smaller ones and for occasions wear a larger thick kind. Renee Yerion Week 10.
Bazzar posted an article for the up coming fashion trends for spring of 2020. Some of the looks that were published were very interesting and I am not sure how consumers are going to react to these fashion trend predictions. (Kiven Ball, Week 10)

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In the past few months disposable cameras have been on the rise. More and more people have been buying them, especially here in Pullman, because they are always sold out at Walmart. Renee Yerion Week 10
It has been announced that starting this week Instagram is going to be removing "likes". In an effort to making the platform back to being about sharing pictures instead of competing for most amount of likes. This idea has been in affect in many countries and now is starting in the US this week. (Hannah Hughes, Week 10)
Euphoria and the whole idea of it has taken the entertainment world by storm. Whether it be the iconic makeup, the risqué outfits or the idea that all these teens are living a life like they are, they all help makeup the idea of the show. Euphoria is a show that is like no other and that’s I believe it is a zeitgeist for our time period. Meredith Cuddy Week 10


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For the longest time there has been much controversy over women wearing leggings. For many people they are against wearing them for their own reasons involving it showing off their body too much, especially at junior high schools and high schools, which makes no sense at all. Renee Yerion Week 10.
This article predicts three major shopping trends for the holiday season. It is predicted that people are going to be waiting until the last minute to shop and most likely wait for a sale. Second, people are going to be using mobile commerce instead of in person. Lastly, Amazon will have almost 50% of all sales. (Hannah Hughes, Week 10)
Celebrity endorsements or influencer's are taking over the market world. More and More, consumers are pulling towards these forms of marketing products because the have so much trust in these celebrities and influencers. They have really made a difference in the way for selling. (Kiven Ball, Week 10)

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