60 Striking Photographs Captured Everyday Life in Glasgow in 1980 ~ vintage everyday

In French photojournalist Raymond Depardon was commissioned by the Sunday Times to travel to Glasgow for a feature on Europe’s overlo.

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In the Sunday Times Magazine asked war photographer Raymond Depardon to go and photograph Glasgow. His images was deemed too upsetting and Sunday Times Magazine never published them

Raymond Depardon, Glasgow, 1980.

Raymond Depardon - Glasgow, 1980 Addy saved to Quotes & Proverbs. "I always root for the underdog, for the one who's voice is being silenced by the powerful. And I have no patience for a bully" - Jessica Chastain

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Raymond Depardon/Glasgow – 66 фотографий

"Maggie Out": Striking And Depressive Photographs Captured Everyday Life In Glasgow In 1980