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silhouettes of people standing in front of colored screens
a woman sitting in a chair on top of a stage with lots of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling
andrea cuius + roland ellis: so... I was at a party last night
a man standing on top of a white net in the dark with his hands behind him
Stefano Poda, Lucia di Lammermoor - Scenography Today
an empty stage set up for a formal dinner or party with chairs and tables in the middle
an open room with two doors that are made out of white paper and black lines
Paper shapes
Brad Martin - Lighting and Stage Design: Paper shapes
an empty stage with chairs and lights
a man sitting in a chair surrounded by lamps
2/52 | Listen... Week 2 This took about six hours to set up.… | Flickr
people are walking on the platform at night in a train station with graffiti written on the wall
a subway station with graffiti on the wall and people standing at the end of the platform
some people are standing in front of a sign that says, belras artes
some trees that are standing in the grass
Originario de Europa, Asia y América del Norte, el árbol de haya es uno de los árboles más nudosos, más fuertes y más hermosos del planeta.