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Bal maidens in traditional protective clothing. A bal maiden, from the Cornish language bal, a mine and the English maiden, a young or unmarried woman, was a female manual labourer working in the mining industries of Cornwall and the bordering areas of western Devon, at the south-western extremity of Great Britain.

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BAL MAIDENS SPALLING AND LOADING ORE WAGON (1880) | Carn Brea, Cornwall: Harpers Magazine (1881) ✫ღ⊰n

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Cornish and proud: how to dress in the traditional Cornwall way

Hannah Marriott: Express your joy in Cornwall's newfound minority status by sporting the local tartan or perhaps a bonnet. Here's how

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BAL MAIDEN: 'Gook' is the Cornish word for this traditional bonnet worn by a bal maiden. ✫ღ⊰n

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