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a man is holding up a trophy in front of other men on the back of a car
buff & the cup :)
a cat sitting on the floor next to two dvds
This cat has fantastic taste.
a young boy holding up a red shirt in front of a castle at disney world
an advertisement for the stanley cup playoff game between two hockey players, one is jumping up to
Something should go here right?
because it's the cup
a cartoon drawing of a person riding a skateboard
NHL Playoffs
some fans are holding up signs in front of the stands with question marks on them
NHL Hockey Players
an image of a hockey player on the ice with words written in blue and white
NHL Playoffs 2012: Analyzing a Possible Quick vs. Lundqvist Stanley Cup Final
Great picture of Henrik "another save" Lundqvist. Ladies and Gentlemen this is just the best goalie in the NHL. (Picture by: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images on B/R Report)
the hockey players are playing on the ice
Quick with the save
a group of men playing a game of ice hockey
Kurt Sauer Photostream
Phoenix Coyotes
Because Morgan told her class I was too busy to go to church and I'm usually at the rink Quotes, Ice Hockey Quotes, Hockey Quotes, Hockey Humor, Hockey Mom, Hockey Life, National Hockey League
Because Morgan told her class I was too busy to go to church and I'm usually at the rink
a hockey player is holding his stick in the air
NBC Sports - news, scores, stats, rumors, videos, and more
David Clarkson with the Game 2 winner!
a man wearing a hat standing in front of some golf bags
The King! Long live the King!!
a young man wearing a new york rangers hat and holding a microphone in front of a sign
the nashville predators are on the ice playing hockey
Eliminated 5-7-12