Make a Haven for the Solitary Bees and the Beneficial Insects, it is beautiful in the garden.

Hopalong Hollow Gazette: New rabbits in the works and a Bee haven for you to build.

Make your own insect hotels - great for urban gardens because they give pollinating insects a place to live and lay their eggs. Help your local wildlife!

Wildlife garden: How to make an insect hotel

Help your garden wildlife by giving insects a home over winter! TV Gardener David Domoney has produced a step-by-step guide to making an insect hotel.

Yes, not only flowers 2 keep bees n butterflies happy but also a cute winter home.

Yes, not only flowers 2 keep bees n butterflies happy but also a cute winter…

Made of beautiful natural materials with durable fired clay roof to keep the rain out. This type of mason bee house has the prescribed 6 inch

Bee house mason bee house bug house Bug by FlotsamJetsamCrafts

Wildlife Project: Building an Insect Hotel | Great Stems

Beneficial insects are a must in the organic garden! Here's how to build a haven for beneficial bugs in your garden Pollinator Penthouse

diy mason bee house from a thrift find, diy, gardening, repurposing upcycling

DIY Mason Bee House From a Thrift Find

DIy mason bee house made from a thrift store cubby and paper tubes. Help save our bee population and pollinate your garden with this easy bee house project.

Insect Hotel: Nature Science.  This would be fun to put in the garden and keep a journal about.

Insect Hotel: Nature Science

Fun for Zoology! Oh this would be really interesting to make and watch- Insect Hotel: Nature Science - Teach Beside Me

Bug Hotels give insects and inverterbrates a place to live right in your garden.  Hotels are used for shelter, safety, nesting, and finding food.  This trend is popular in Europe.

Attract Pollinators: Beevarian Antsel and Gretel Chalet, winner of the Beyond the Hive Competition, among other designs

Rustic Textures!  This seasons Inspiration  Condura Accessories || Texture

squaredoor: image: Where to grow your insect army, a solitary bee house? Gaurdian article in defense of the solitary bee, who are vital pollinators and whose future is jeopardised by many of the same problems as the honey bee❤️