Mines to Market Journey

A journey from Mines to Market
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an advertisement for the diamond polishing wheel
Diamond Polishing Process
Diamond Cutting Planning Process Modern Diamonds, Marketing, Cutting, Planning Process, How To Plan
Diamond Cutting Planning Process
Types of Rough Diamonds Diamonds, Rough Diamond, Rough, Discover
Types of Rough Diamonds
two different types of diamonds are shown in this ad for the diamond authority, which has been
Mining Process
a man is working on some type of art with the caption diamonds are not distributed evenly throughout the world they are from northern reaches near arctic
Diamond Sorting Process Based On Quality Of Diamonds at Rough Stage
an advertisement for some kind of product on the wall with pictures and words above it
Diamond Sorting Process
an advertisement for the diamond company with a large piece of crystal on top of it
Diamond At Rough Stage
a man standing in front of a large truck with the words gharenu on it
Mining Equipment
Mining Process Open-pit Mine, Open Pit
Mining Process
an image of a rock that has some kind of substance on it with the caption diamond are almost entirely pure carbon crystals formed at 150 km or more beneath the earth's surface
an industrial machine with the words gharenu on it's front cover
Mining Process
there are four men in the water with buckets
Mining Process
there are many people digging in the dirt together and one man is holding a shovel
Mining Process
an old photo with some people and animals in front of it that says, he who finds the diamonds must grasp in mud and mine because diamonds are not found in polished stones
Mining Process