Recital W/end 8/9 November 2014

This year's vocal recital/workshop weekend in the beautiful setting of The Undercroft, Winchester Cathedral. Such an atmospheric venue, just right for the intimate setting I'm looking for.
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Winchester, UK

Recital, Nice City, South East England, Winchester, British Isles, Small Towns, London England, Commonwealth, Hampshire


Winchester Hampshire, Hampshire England, Recital, Surrey, November

Winchester, UK

Winchester England, Recital, Nice City, South East England, Small Towns, Commonwealth, Hampshire, Cathedrals, November


Winchester Cathedral in October 2011

Winchester Cathedral3_HDR

Winchester Cathedral taken in October 2011

Winchester Recital and Masterclass Weekend | Little Soprano

Winchester Recital and Masterclass Weekend Early this November, after an absence of four and a half years, David Harper and I are returning to Winchester for a weekend of vocal delights, to involve.

Got to grips with FLOW between  POSTURE, BREATH & SUPPORT yet? Or is that bit still a mystery?

"Changing the Way you Live.

Winchester, UK

Recital, Winchester, Writing Inspiration, November

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