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Knap Hill from Golden Ball Hill, showing the Romano-British plateau settlement below the line of the causewayed enclosure Nov 2011


This is a corrected and updated edition of the 1773 map that includes the recently built canals.

Three Bronze Age bowl barrows situated 250 metres north east of Shepherds Shore on Bishops Cannings Down. All 3 mounds have been reduced by cultivation. The southern most barrow was excavated in the 1850s when a crouched female skeleton was found. Faint traces of all three round barrows are visible on aerial photographs

19th century Parish map showing the divergence of Wansdyke and the Roman Road at Morgan's Hill. No sign of the golf course.

This image shows the very large Large counterscarp, which seems to have been created especially for counterbalancing the unfavorable position (behind the crest) of East Wansdyke at this point...All cannings down