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Quote: "This is an art display for our topic of The Great Fire of London (Year 2). The children each contributed to the border using oil pastels. The fire silhouette pictures were created using watercolour paint and then black pencil crayons over the top once the paint had dried. We looked at photographs of fire as well as a number of sunset silhouette photographs for inspiration."


The Great Fire of London | Teaching Photos

The Great Fire of London - a fun poem for kids

The Monument, commemorating The Great Fire of London. It was completed in 1677.

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This online resource aims to help children explore this event through the eyes of four people who saw it. It can help children to develop an awareness of what the term “eyewitness” means and why eyewitness accounts may differ.

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Worksheets and teaching activities that can be used alongside the play 'The Great Fire of London', published by Wayland.

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