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Retail POS Software

Ginesys is a software solution provider established in the year of 1999 with the intend to provide specialized software support to Retailer, Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers from procurement to point of sale.
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The weighing machine is integrated with Ginesys POS, which automatically generates and prints the barcode according to the weight of the loose item. Cashier then just scans the generated barcode and item gets billed. This reduces pilferage by having everything, from weighing to billing, integrated. This also increases the operational efficiency.


Stock Lookup... What if some item has reached zero level at your store? Would you say no to the customer or would you rather let him know where else it is available?

Cancellation of bills at the POS counter is a common scenario. It may be due to multiple reasons, and capturing the data for the same becomes critical to understand the consumer behavior. Analysis of such reasons may result in nullifying some hindering effects and eventually increasing the top line.

Ginesys now has a feature where you just enter the bills and the payments in the warehouse software. At the month end you can just click reconcile option and it will settle the bills against payments on FIFO basis on its own. This will not only save the time but will also help in minimizing the human error as system in doing the reconciliation.

Retailers are always looking for a way out to dispose off this dead stock at a reasonable price. Earlier the splitting of the barcode was done only at the HO level and was a very time consuming activity . Now this feature is available at the POS level. The operator can generate a new barcode for the damaged item which gets updated in the inventory, after that the item can be sold off at a lower price.

Recently Ginesys released a report on how organized apparel retailers are moving into e-commerce space aggressively.

Discount exception at POS.. Ginesys already had a feature that we can control manual discounting to certain users upto a certain percentage. Now we have a new possibility of excluding certain categories of goods from discount. This will help restricting low-margin goods to not go out on low price.

What to do if there is customer wanting to buy a product but the barcode is missing ? Print Missing Barcodes at the POS

RFID at POS... With an RFID-enabled card, there is no need to swipe. As soon as a customer walks in, she / he can be personally identified and then the right promotions can be offered on digital screens. The items she/ he has tried can be tracked and then finally when it comes to checkout, there is no need to dig into the wallet. Just waving the wallet is enough and the card is read. This seamless experience is the promise of RFID at the store-level.